Saturday, May 01, 2010

Saturday May 1 Saltburn for dinner

The weather was bright and sunny, so we decided a run up the coast would be a good idea as with it being a Bank Holiday weekend if any day was going to be reasonable it would very likely be Saturday.
These images were taken as we descended from the escarpment at Silpho, they are all views from the same spot

We avoided Scarborough and Whitby on our way north and made good time to have a rather nice roast chicken dinner with all the veg's and Yorkshire Pudding, followed by a rather nice pudding, I had a syrup sponge and custard and Pat had apple pie and squirty cream
We bypassed Whitby but drove through Scarborough via the Marine Drive and it was busy but not exceptionally so for a Bank Holiday.
After that we had a lazy aftrnoon on site.

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