Thursday, June 30, 2011

Thursday 30th June 2011: Last day at Low Moor

Scarborough was our destination, we visited first the Mere, then Olivers mount
And then down to park on the Esplanade above the South Bay, we set off and walked down
and down to the Italian Gardens
And here they are freshly replanted for the summer season
This cheeky little chap came to see us, but we had given all our bread to the ducks and geese on the Mere!
The little lily pond had been tidied up nicely since our last visit.
and further down the hillside paths we looked out over what used to be the Olympic open air swimming bath in earlier days.
we enjoyed our lunch in the Clock Cafe, but got caught in a heavy shower making our way back up the cliff, so arrived at the car dripping!
After tea i went down into Whitby and parked up above the "Khyber Pass" and took some photos
And did this panorama of the view
and here is the final view of the day looking in the direction of Sandsend

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Wednesday 29th June 2011 Seaham and the coast to the south

We fancied a run up past Middlesborough and took the inland route to the A19 then north till turning off on the A182 to Seaham.
Not exactly a thriving resort,but they are trying to do up the harbour and the seafront, this is the harbour
As can be seen here, they still have a lot to do!
We continued back down the coast through the various colliery villages and stopped at Seaton Carew, where this beach wouldn't win any awards!
This is sea coal, brought in by the tide, and still collected commercially for re use!
Our route took us to Middlesborough and we had hoped to cross the Tees on the Transporter Bridge, but it is closed, heres a mono print of it
We stopped in Redcar for a coffee and I spotted this strange vessel close in shore
It was quite late in the afternoon by the time we got back to the caravan, we had tea and a rest then i went down into Whitby for a walk to the end of the pier
On the way back I noticed the inshore Rescue Lifeboat was being launched
But they set off at such a leisurely pace that I think it must have been a training run.
The light was really good, so i did this Panorama to round off the day

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Tuesday 28th June: Castleton for lunch and whitby Abbey in the evening

We printed off and wrote some postcards, then had a pleasant inland tour before ending up at Castelton Tea rooms for lunch.
It was extremely busy, more than 20 customers inside and at least a dozen cyclist outside, it's amazing how Jan and Angie managed to cope!
Pat wanted to shop for some clothes on the way back to camp so into Whitby we went, and while there I took just a couple more images, here is the old Whitby Lifeboat (now it does pleasure cruises) coming back under the swing bridge.
Hard to believe looking at it that the boat is over 74 years old! it saved more than 200 lives in a distinguished career.
After such a large lunch we had a snack tea then drove up to park near the Abbey, I got this shot,
then walked a couple of miles along the seven foot high wall, and came to the top of the Abbey steps
The next steps was to continue at the hilltop and get this up river.
Before struggling up the steep track back to the car park.

Monday, June 27, 2011

Monday 27th June 2011: Peasholm Park, Scarborough

This was the hottest day of the year so far, we headed to Scarborough to walk in the cool shade in Peasholm Park, parking on the hillside close by. Looking down through the trees onto the lake we could see the Chinese Bridge in the distance.
And as we descended the steps to the lakeside the ornamental bandstand and dragon pedaloes came into view
I wonder how old the pedaloes really are? I remember going on them when I was small, sixty years ago!
They have very fancy heads!
On Peasholm Island there is a Pagoda and Waterfall (pump driven) that runs during the season.
Near our feet there are some colourful lilies.
And as it is the mating season, a pair of pigeons getting friendly.
On then into the glen, to the shady ponds where I and lots like me used to sail our wooden toy boats, or did I watch while Dad played with the boat?
And the usual squirrels were enjoying peanuts brought by visitors.
there were some wood carvings here and there, here is one of a Dragon.
It was like old times, we really enjoyed our visit!

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Sunday 26th June: Skinningrove and evening in Robin Hoods Bay

It was time, we felt for our first paddle in the sea of the year, and a forecast of the hottest day yet had us on the road to Skinningrove, which has the best beach in Yorkshire and the great advantage of never getting very crowded!
Heres the view as we came down the hill from the south.
WE parked in the usual place on the seafront and walked along past the stream, this is the remains of the old harbour where cast iron from the foundry on the hilltop used to be shipped out
We soon reached the entrance to the beach, under the supporting stonework of the old inclined way.
If you look up you can see the strange shape of the cliffs, where molten slag was poured over from the iron foundry on top of the hill, even after a hundred years it remains unaffected by the weather.
Here is the view when paddling
And one very happy Patty!
After a light tea Pat was tired, so I went down to Robin Hoods Bay for an evening walk
It was surprisingly hot down there, so I decided I would not be coming back up via the steps!
It was less busy too,as can be seen here.
And quiet on the slipway too
Though it was warm enough for people to sit outside the pubs for a meal and a pint
Diverting between the houses I walked along the seawall and picked up the less strenuous slope to the top of the hill.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Saturday 25th June 2011 Scarborough and Whitby evening walk

When we got to Scarbough we found that the sea fron near the harbour was closed to traffic, so we parked in the underground car park and walked towards the Spa
where we went for a light meal. This is the view from the cafe
Scarbough is know to be the first seaside resort, this wall plaque tells why!
Plenty of colour along the sea front
There were lots of charity events going on including a great aerobatics display, these pictures will tell the story.

On our way back to the car we could see the huge crowds on the sea front
WE had a lazy afternoon and curried chicken with salad for tea then went for an evening walk in the old town of Whitby.
It was warm enough for people to sit out in the square enjoying a beer
And when we reached as far as we could go, I did this panorama