Wednesday, May 24, 2006

More photos

Out on my scooter today and in between showers (including hailstones!) I spotted this view looking back towards the city.
Simple, but I thought it very appealing.

Here's our cat about to consume the grass stalk in front of him: he's 14 years old now, but still quite a kitten at heart.
Garfield by name and Garfield by nature!

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Had a great ride out on the scooter

At last we have better weather, and today I took advantage and rode out to the coast, along empty roads. The oilseed rape fields were giving off in enough pollen to block the intakes on a jumbo jet, otherwise it was great.

Back Home I have been experimenting with composite photos in GIMP, here's the latest example

Monday, May 15, 2006

Still awful weather

After a bad weekend we had hoped the weather would be better today, but no, it rained,rained, rained and rained!
The only time it stopped was mid evening, and I was able at last to get out for a short walk.
Still, it gave me the chance to take some bad weather photos of the wet flowers, etc., the rain had been hard enough to bring complete florets off the cherry trees, not just the usual petals, so that means less cherries later on in the year!
At least it's mild now, not freezing, and the fallen blossom is at least scenic!

Sunday, May 14, 2006

Crazy weekend weather!

Aftr a glorious almost summer week, as usual the weather kept a surprise up it's sleeve for the weekend, and we had a eturn to winter temperatures and driving rain, helped along by a srong east wind.

thankfully thisdidn't stop us having a good weekend away with the caravan and I was out snappinf away with the new camera.
Sunday morning the dawn came up rather black and sombre, but at least it stopped raining and we were able to get the caravan packed up in the dry.

Thursday, May 11, 2006

After the long winter, spring is rocketing away at high speed: here in the East riding of yorkshire the fields of rape seed colour the landscape bright yellow, and the huge amount of pollen is so thick in the air you can taste it!
This is a hard time for hay fever sufferers, even in the city, out in the country the air smells perfumed.

The city council are mad keen on gras cutting, but in the few areas that they've missed, the dandelions have completed one full growing season already, and started a second! this will be a record year for them, as you can see.

These are heading for the sun in the local graveyard!

Friday, May 05, 2006

A quiet moment in the mall

I couldn't resist this candid shot in the Prospect Centre Shopping Mall in central Hull.
a mother and daughter had just bought a "girls Vanity set" in the pound shop, and couldn't wait to try the rings and bangles.
There in the middle of a busy mall, they found a clear space and time stood still for them, I just loved the way they both mirrored each other, admiring the plastic rings they were trying on.
Truly a timeless moment, surrounded by crowds of shoppers, peace in the middle of chaos.

Thursday, May 04, 2006

Its the local council elections today

And I won't be voting: what diffence does it make to me which bunch of rogues are elected?
I won't vote as I have no wish to legitimise the phoney "Democracy" that we have.
When the day comes when politicians have to respond to YES/NO buttons on consoles in our houses after the public have decided what they want doing on the political issues currently being discussed, then I'll vote again.
Till then forget it: don't expect me to endorse the status quo, it's phoney!

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Mayday Weekend

We spent a few lovely days caravanning near Harrogate, Yorkshire

At a place called Pannal, in some lovely scenery. Despite it being the Bank holiday, the country roads were surprisingly free of traffic, so touring was a pleasure

There may be a water shortage in the South East of England, up here in the North we have flooded fields!

Not far from our campsite was High Almscliffe Crag, a popular spot for an evening stroll, or even for something more energetic

This chap ot himself into some trouble, but after a long struggle he made it to the top, to the relief of all concerned, especially his girlfriend watching from below!