Friday, April 30, 2010

Friday 30th April Saxmundham House Hunmanby

Although the meet started on Thursday, it was my Birthday and we were expecting our youngest daughter to visit, so couldn't come till Friday morning.
Although there were brief showers on the way we were lucky enough to arrive in good weather and get a pitch with a mains hook up (which we hadn't expected)
We had some bad news as one of our oldest group members (Elsie Evans, died yesterday, and her husband Ivan is very ill, too) also our past Chairman David Proudly is in Hospital with inoperable pancreatic Cancer.
Our sympathies go out to the respective families!
As we rather expected it began to rain heavily later in the afternoon so Pat and I went down into Hunmanby to have a fish and chip tea in the local cafe, which was very enjoyable.
I couldn't resist taking some photos despite the rain of course!
Hunmanby is full of history, and here is a reference that will give more detail
Obviously it even has a prehistory even before it was give it's present name.
The market square is very picturesque as is the All Saints church, which dominates the village skyline.

In this image is a stone pillar, all that remains of a Saxon cross, and it was here that Farmers on the first Tuesday after Martinmas (2nd November) would hire their farm staff for the following year, a small plaque announces that "Lads and Lasses with a full years wages in their pockets thronged the town seeking employment for the following year
The village was owned by a local lord until realatively recent times, as can be seen by the coat of arms that adorns some of the houses
The floral tubs contain some really lovely tulips right now as you can see here. As we came out of the Cafe it was raining so rather hastily I took these images
Aren't they a picture? they really brightened up the Market Place

This last Tulip was past it's best but still worth a close up, filled with rainwater as it was.

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