Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Tuesday 11th May First Day in Anglesey

We were up early and packed and out of the house for 8:35 AM, which meant we were all connected to the caravan and leaving out storage site for 9:35 AM, in bright sunshine, and this held for the first fifty miles, but gradually as we approached the pennines, it grew cloudier a the temperature fell from 12 as we set of to 2 as we reached the summit of Saddleworth Moor, and as we began the descent it snowed quite heavily, gradually fading as we lost altitude, and once we were approaching the Welsh coast, we could see Anglesey in the distance was in bright sunshine.
Arriving on site at just after 2:30 we were soon pitched and enjoying a cuppa.
After Omelettes and salad for tea a short walk seemed a nice idea, so we drove down the two miles or so into Moelfre, which was was rather quieter than the last time we were there on lifeboat day August the 23rd 2009
This is a panorama made from three images

This is the view across the beach looking towards the Welsh mountains
And here is a shot from the same spot using the Nikon Tele Zoom at the 300mm equivalent setting
There is a very pleasant walk along the low clifftop in Moelfre and I was pleasantly surprised to see some of the flowers I normally expected to see in summer were already in bloom
Even more remarkably after passing through a snowstorm, you don't really expect to come across wild grasses that have already set seed!
These little beauties were growing out of the side of the cliff
And this lady summed up the mood of the evening, we passed her twice in both directions with half an hour in between and she didn't seem to have moved an inch!
It was a very nice end to a good first day of our holiday

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