Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Wednesday 26th May 2010. Newquay and Bedruthan Steps

We started the day with a bit of a surprise, travelling along one of the narrow country lanes to St Erth we suddenly found ourselves facing a large white delivery van than came whizzing round a bend and hit the brakes so hard that smoke poured up from all four tyres. I came to a full stop and he crashed into us head on, fortunately and to the surprise of all three of us, there wasn't a scratch on either vehicle ( I really went over it with a fine tooth comb, and there was nothing!)
so off we went on our way to Newquay.
We seem to have a talent for arriving everywhere we go at low tide and this was no exception, still we had a walk down to the harbour and here is one of the images I took.

Looking to our right we spotted this fabulous house on it's own island and reached by a suspension bridge, what an amazing place to live, it makes you wonder at how anyone could look at that island and think, "If I build a bridge across there we can level the top of the rock and build a house" (I wonder what sort of reaction you would get from the local planning authority if you asked for permission to do so today?)
There are some great beaches here it's just a pity that after so many sunny days it had to be a dull one when we came here, but at least it was mild. We shopped at the local Sainsburys and had lunch in their cafe before travelling on.
I was surprised how few people were about, usually its a big problem to get parked here, but there was no problem today.

We travelled north along the coast road and stopped as we usually do to look at the Bedruthan Steps, though of course we can no longer even think of climbing down the sheer steps like we did so long ago, views from the top are the order of the day now!
Pat is getting her own back again, look at this picture of me in the new hat she insists I need to stop my nose and ears burning. As you can see it was much cooler today, long trousers and a fleece were definitely needed on the cliff top
And this is what we came for, that is one fabulous beach, and unfortunately there were no people down there to give it scale, it is truly huge!
Pat took this shot and perhaps the figures can help relate the size of what looks like a small rock on the beach, against the cliffs surrounding it.
Pat's new camera is proving marvellous for taking close up's from a distance, ie, without having to bend down and get close to the subjects, just look at the number on insects on this dandelion!
And how about this lovely shot of a moth? this is the full image just as the camera took it, well done Pat, it's a cracking shot!
Here is another she took of a seeding wildflower, really beautiful, isn't it?We did get as far as Padstow, but to our surprise it was completely fully parked up and unlike everywhere else we had been, heaving with holidaymakers, I couldn't help but wonder why it was so much busier than everwhere else?
Anyway it was getting on for mid afternoon, so we headed back to camp.

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