Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Wednesday 12th May 2010

It rained quite heavily during the night and there were light showers during the morning. It had been our intention to go onto the mainland to visit Bodnant Gardens, but after shopping at the Asda in LLangefni, and then heading towards Menai, the massive black clouds over the mountains on the mainland made a convincing case to stay on Anglesey and we elected to go to Pili Palas Nature World instead.
This time Pat was using her Panasonic Compact camera and I chose to use the 35mm F1.4 standard lens and a 4 dioptre close up lens, here are some of the results

I had the usual job to get the lens clear of misting up in the tropical rainforest type atmosphere, and found that what worked best for me was to use the camera on manual the sensitivity ar 80 ASA, 1/200 sec and manual flash
There were fewer butterflies than last summer, but still more than enough to keep our shutters snapping away, and we really enjoyed ourselves
These butterflies are quite large with a wingspan of three inches or so, and some easy to photograph, others rather less so!
This species is one of the more co-operative ones but after three visits I have yet to get a decent shot of a least three of the species in there.
We enjoyed a Chicken curry in the cafe, then continued round the various exhibits, they had some fine lizardsOne of which looked remarkable like a dinosaur!

They also had some fine spiders and this Locust exhibit, these are surprisingly large creatures at about three inches long.
Once we had left it looked a little better over the mountains, but as we pulled into the lay-by to shoot the Menai Bridge it started to rain, though there were rather nice reflections, I will have to go back on a better day.
After tea we went for a drive to see if we could find the last operational windmill on the island and on the way we passed some deserted farmsteads that were simply decaying back into the landscape
And at last we found our objective at LLandeusant, but of course it closes at 5 PM, so we shall have to return another day, but it did make a really nice cross country evening tour to get there.

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