Sunday, July 31, 2011

Sunday 31st July 2011: Last Day here, off to Brixham again

And a good choice it was too, this time we decided to walk to the Marina along the right hand side of the harbour
To our surprise there were lots of flower arrangement like this cart
Good views across the harbour
Trawlers coming and going
And some very tasteful inset garden arrangements like this
And this was called the "Mayflower Garden"
The further we went, the better they got!
The flowers in this particular garden were exceptional
Back at the harbour I decided I wanted to look round the golden hind replica,
Here was the view as I climbed aboard
Not exactly spacious, and down below even Drake's cabin was tiny
The largest space in the ship was the gallery at the rear
needless to say the crew seemed to live in cupboards!
We wandered back into the town to have a Subway sandwich for lunch, then a leisurely drive back to camp, time now to begin preparing to drive home tomorrow!

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Saturday 30th July 2011: Second visit to Polperro

After a foggy start the sun came out and we drove the short distance to revisit Polperro
We were quite early and people were sitting outside the various cafes enjoying breakfast in the open air
lovely window boxes graced many of the buildings.
We soon came to the "Tram" station (they are actually converted Milk Floats)
The buildings in this village are built on some incredible slopes like this hotel with the gaily coloured railings
While looking at the colourful contents of this waste bin I almost missed the parking sign!

The village is full of really ancient buildings like this one
A mermaid made of shells graced another house
the harbour looked very different at low tide, and this old sailing lifeboat must be near on seventy years old!
At the mouth of the harbour a panoramic seemed appropriate
then it was time to return to the car park, we took the "Tram" to save our legs and it was bumpy but amusing, our first ride in a milk float!
Rather than return directly we drove to Polruan and took this photo of the little harbour
And a shot across the river to Fowey, before returning to camp
Another great day!

Friday, July 29, 2011

Friday 29th July 2011: Bigbury on Sea

We decided on a local run for a change, we had read about Bigbury on Sea as having an island that has a beach to the mainland, which is covered by the tide, and a "Sea Tractor" which then connects the hotel on the island with the mainland
we walked across to the island and got a closer view.
This is apparently the third tractor since they started being used in 1930, it is pretty large!
Evening primrose flowers grow on the island
There was an inn on the island dated 1320, and from the yard in front, an excellent view of the bay
and very striking cliffs.
We went back to the cafe in the car park and enjoyed paninis for lunch.
The view from the cafe was very good, its an excellent beach.
People were enjoying the sunshine.

there were some sailing craft in the bay
We left as the car park was filling up and went shopping in Kingsbridge, a pretty market toen with access to the river and sea.
Some enormous decorative thistles were growing on the roundabout.
We had really enjoyed the visit, its a place worth going to again.

Thursday 28th July 2011: Pats Birthday and Mevagissey

Pat had decided that the place she wanted to go on her birthday was Mevagissey,, so after an early start off we went.
As so ofter happens when we go there the tide was out!
We had booked for four hours instead of the usual two, so set off for the lighthouse along the western side of the harbour. As usual many of the boats were hogh and dry
Pat stopped to buy a sun hat as t was really warm, and I took this shot against the harbour railings.
Just beyond the old Lifeboat Station people were setting off in self hire boats.
Time, I thought for a panorama!
We were soon at the end of the pier and here is the small lighthouse
Time for lunch before the croawds get in, so to our favourite dafe, Bon Appetit, where the owners kindly provided a candle as it was Pat's Birthday!
then we had plenty of time to mooch round taking in the sights and sounds, like this worthy, Black Jack by name, who ran a souvenir shop.
An old lobster pot up tuned and filled with flowers had attracted a butterfly
And we had time for a look round the small but excellent Mevagissey Museum on the inner harbour.
And this chap painting his boat.
We really enjoyed our second visit.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Wednesday 27th July: Seaton and District

A longer run for a change we drove up past Exeter and took to the coast road, dropping down into Sidmouth, but the place was packed and we couldn't get parked, so on to Seaton where we had no problem.
The first thing we saw was a scaled down electric tramway based on the old London trams
And just round the corner a convenient cafe for Ham, eggs and chips and a cuppa.
When walked across the road to the sea front I was very pleased to see that my memory hadn't failed me and this Seaton (the BIG one) was just as I remembered it from all those years ago, red cliffs, a shingle beach that was shelved, as here
back then lots of fishing boats were drawn up on the shingles, now there is just one!
lots of retired folk here,bathing huts and this couple looking like a 1930's film set
The choice of Bicycles in different colours to decorate a roundabout seemed a little odd
and there were some absolutely gorgeous flowers bordering the road.
and colourful panels on every Lamp standard
Seaton has a very long prom, so i thought a panorama appropriate
Just time for another look at the trams
Then we set off back along the coast road. We couldn't get parked in Beer, but passed through some great countryside with ancient churches
And lots of spectacular thatched cottages like this one
We stopped briefly in Budleigh Salterton where I stopped to take this
Everywhere was so busy that we feel that if we come again it should be earlier in the season before the crowds arrive, but we had had a good day!