Saturday, May 29, 2010

Saturday 29th May 2010. Penzance and Godrevy Point

The weather which had been so good for so long broke at last and we woke after a windy and wet night, since there was little chance of sunshine we decided to seek a Launderette to do some of the build up of washing from the last couple of weeks, and drove down into Penzance, where there is a very good one just across the road from the Railway Station.
While Pat sat watching the machine and doing her crocheting, I went for a walk and took some photos with my compact of the harbour

And around the town centre, this is on a hillside with this statue of Sir Humphrey Davey outside the town hall, no doubt his safety lamp was a huge benefit to the Cornish Tin Miners of long ago.
What you are looking at here is a Sponsored "Climb of Mount Everest" by the safety services, who were climbing the ladder than coming back down the stairs for lord knows how many hundreds of times to equate with 27,000 plus feet!
Rather them than me!

Can anyone translate this for me? the inscription is in old Cornish (the last person who spoke it died in 17 hundred something at the age of 90!
And here is the boss outside the shop that we believe sells the best Cornish pasties in the known universe: Hampsons of Hayle.
We bought their smaller ones (more on this later!)

Since it wasnt raining all the time we decided we would complete our earlier plan and go round to Godrevy point, a National Trust beach that is on the opposite side of the bay to St Ives.
As usual the tide was out and it was spitting with rain so Pat stayed in the car and I took her camera in a plastic bag down to the beach.
These rocks are much taller than I am

And they are encrusted with mussels, which were large enough to be edible (if you like that sort of thing!)
As I cleared the rocks I spotted these hardy souls off to do a bit of surfing, they are going in the direction of the areas of the bay that enjoy lifeguard protection from RNLI volunteers
And here is the subject I climbed down the cliff to photograph, the lighthouse on it's island
Here it is again with some of the huge rocks to give it scale
Here is one of the small Cornish pasties that pat bought in Hayle, I have just cut it open and looked at the size of the problem in some alarm.
There are times when I regret buying her that camera, and this is one of them! Pat called it the " Man-Eating Cornish pasty!
I will get my own back, I promise!
Note the Glass of Cider; it would be sacriledge to have one without the other!

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