Thursday, May 27, 2010

Thursday May 27: Coverack and the Lizard

This is the view of Coverack from the council free car park at the end of the bay, and as you can see the beach is practically deserted (though no doubt it will be busy over the Bank Holiday Weekend!
There were a few people on the beach enjoying a walk with their dogs , this is another of Pat's pics.
Pat however was fascinated by this iris which she photographed because it is least a month earlier to flower than it would at home!
As we walked round the bay Pat found other subjects for her camera, like this happy little family on the beach

As so often it seems we got there at low tide and this is the view into the tiny but very scenic little harbour
And here is a view from the other direction. Again, no people in sight! by now it was half past eleven and we were thinking about what to do for lunch.
And Pat was suffering a bit from the long walk, so I decided to walk back along the beach to bring our car and park it in the village. Naturally this was an opportunity to take a few more images

This chap picked a very difficult route to get his windsurfer out to sea, he was having real problems manouevering it through the rocks
Half way across the beach I came across this Windsurfing School about to go in to the Briny
After we had a very nice Fish and Chips lunch from the "Old Lifeboat House" that we ate in the car we decided to move on to Cadgewith Cove, but the streets were very narrow, i asked Pat to shoot through the car window when we reached the bottom of the hill as there was obviously not going to be any chance of getting parked, there is a car park, but it is at the top of a very steep hill that Pat can no longer manage
OK, so we went to the Lizard and parked on the National Trust Car park, there are some wonderful plants growing as weeds out of the dry stone walls, this is a group that I photographed with the Nikon
Going down the foothpath there are great views down into the bay, can you see the huge mass of flowers growing down the cliff?
Just a shot to place the views, a touch of summer
Heres on taken by Pat, a lovely shot and a credit to her and the new camera
To our surprise there were yellow versions of the flowers too, this is another of Pat's Photos

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