Monday, May 24, 2010

Monday 24th May 2010 St Ives

We had a fantastic day today, starting off with a train ride (park and ride) from Lelant Saltings into St Ives. It was the first time we had been on a train for many years and we thoroughly enjoyed the ride. The views along the estuary were great, Pat took this shot early on in the short trip.
I took this one as we were arriving at St Ives, a very pleasant way to get into the town centre
Once we were down near the shore I couldn't resist taking five shots to stitch into this panorama
St Ives has a lovely beach and there are lots of interesting views to photograph. We had a snack lunch of a hot chicken baguette with apple sauce and stuffing, plus a Latte each and for St Ives it was quite reasonable at just over a tenner.
The seagulls here are notorious pirates, we saw one pinch a woman's ice cream cone right out of her hand!
After walking along towards the harbour we walked back along the beach and i took this one, which I thought could do with a little foreground interest.

And presto! along came this family to provide the "interest" I was looking for, making a very nice shot
Pat took this touching shot, it reminded us both of ourselves and our daughters all too many years ago, how the years go by!
I spotted Pat shooting this boat, but she hadn't noticed the distant view, so I pointed out what was needed and she came up with this classic shot, it reminded me of a Japanese print, well done Patty!
All too soon it was time to face the walk back, pat was really struggling as we got to the station, but we both had had a truly wonderful day out!

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