Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Tuesday 25th May 2010 Mevagissey and Mounts Bay

We had a little fun finding our way to Mevagissey through the back roads, but once there and parked we were busy taking in the sights and shooting lots of images!
Pat was fascinated by "Piskey World" just as you came out of the car park and took this shot. They had a huge number of Garden Gnomes!

It always seems to be low tide when we visit Mevagissey and today was no exception, what was different from the last time was that it was a really hot day! there were fewer visitors than we had expected, though the car park was looking about half full by the time we left
It was great walking along the side of the harbour we got to talking to a local old lady who was 90 years old, but as fit and lucid as we were, perhaps the local climate helps, or could it be the pace of life down here?

There was work going on in various places in the harbour this chap was grinding the side of the boat before doing a Fibre Glass repair on it.This is another of Pat's images.
The outer harbour always has water in so it pays to walk past the breakwater and soak up the atmosphere and hopefully take some pleasant images
This shows how like the mediterranean the sea is here with masses of seaweed growing in the shallows, and there were thousands of small fish darting in and out, but of course they are too small and far away to capture on camera
I took some photos for three Germans who were pointing cameras at each other and they kindly took this one for us using pat's camera.
By now we were thinking about dinner and the tide had started to come in and flood the inner harbour, look how green the water is and the rather nice reflections in this Photograph of Pat's.We found a little cafe in a back street and had a very nice Quiche lorraine, salad and buttered bread rolls for lunch, tasty and not expensive, Pat had tea and I are rather nice Latte to wash it down
After lunch we couldn't resist a further look around the harbour, there was so much to grab your attention! These three were busily doing something incomprehensible in the boat.
And Pat caught the "St Mawes Ferry" as it picked up speed out of the harbour, she is getting used to her new camera very well
It was time to head back to the car park, Pat photographed these pansies that were not only an unusual colour but months ahead of when they come out at home.
Our final act here was to buy two Pork, apple and Cider pasties to take back to the caravan to have with salad for our tea (They were very tasty indeed)

As you can see there were many places where you could have a good lunch for a reasonable price and they did "pensioners specials " too!
The it was so hot mid afternoon that we headed back to the cool of the caravan, emerging after tea to drive down to the beach in Marazion to photograph St Michaels mount with the tide almost fully in. I walked out along the causeway as far as I could to take this shot
And while there changed lenses for the 55-200 Nikon Zoom to take this much closer view of the monastery. Unfortunately we won't be going there as the hill is too steep and long for Pat to manage, and you can only get there on foot!
Heres my last shot of a very full day of the yachts passing in front of Newlyn church on the far side of mounts Bay, this was taken with Pat's new Panasonic Bridge Camera

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