Friday, May 21, 2010

Friday 21st May Trelissick Gardens

This was the scene on camp first thing this morning, lots of space, blue sky, already warm and not a cloud in sight.
We drove to Truro to pick up Pat's month early birthday present, a Panasonic FX38 Bridge Camera from Jessops, then on to one of the National Trust Gardens

Trelissick is the name of the garden and it is just above Falmouth, off the coast road. The first thing you see as you enter the grounds is this exotic water tower, and the shot is the very first one that Pat took with her new camera
It was nearly noon, so we popped into the cafe for lunch, we could have had it outside like the people shown here through the glass wall, but we thought it was too hot for that!
Into the garden proper and the first thing you come across is this 30 foot plus high wisteria: what a beauty!
Pat was shooting away with her new camera, it made me feel very pleased that we don't have to pay for film, developing, and printing any more!
There are miles of these beautiful paths and you can get down to the Lord Harry ferry if you want to cross the river, but we were content just to walk and stare!
Here is another one of Pat's shots, she was really getting into photographing flowers

After tea Pat was tired so I went down Prussia Cove for a walk and to try her new camere for myself, I was very impressed with everything about it, amazing value for money
Here is a test I usually like to do when a new camera falls into my hands, a dandelion in the seed stage makes a good trial for any lens

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