Sunday, May 23, 2010

23rd May 2010 Kynance Cove

Kynance Cove has long been our favourite (next to Porthcurno) as having the best scenery in Cornwall the only drawback is that it's a pretty formidable walk to get both down to the bay and back up again. This first view was taken by Pat with her new camera, just before we began the very rough final descent onto the beach
I was surprised to see dozens of quite large millipedes on the path, at first I thought they were slow worms, but closer examination revealed lots of legs!
There were some lovely wildflowers by the side of the path, this was taken on Pat's camera using the macro mode
Pat wanted to do some crochet on the beach, so I borrowed her camera and staggered up to the cliff top over looking the bay, this is one of several views, what a wonderful scene!
There's a cafe on the low cliff, this again with Pats camera, a happy little family scene
Here is another happy family scene as I prepare to tackle a monster Cornish Pasty (it was by the way delicious!)
This is another of the series I shot from the cliff top using Pats camera, it certainly takes first rate pics!
Naturally I had to do a panorama of five images to give you an overall view of this most wonderful of places
And here is the postcard we created on our little Netbook and printer that we will be sending home to friends and family

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