Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Wednesday 19th May, day 1 of our journey to Cornwall

It rained during the night and was windy, too, and to add to that I woke with a headache, so at 5 AM I went onto the net and wrote a photoblog section on BCUG.
pat woke up early too and remarkably we were on the road for 8:05 AM.
Driving along towards Betws e Coed this view was too attractive to resist, so I pulled over into a layby and while Pat served up a cuppa took this shot with the Nikon

I watched in fascination as the clouds literally poured down the sides of the mountains, like something rather syrupy being poured out of a bowl, they seemed to flow in slow motion.
I borrowed Pat's compact TZ6 for the following two shots as I needed a really powerful tele lens

Here is a view of the magnificent mountain, it certainly looks eeriepart shrouded in mist as hereOnce out of Wales the scenery changed dramatically while it was still attractive it lacked the drama and the majesty of the misty mountains.
We couldn't travel fast as the road through the mountains is no motorway nonetheless we were fortunate not to hi heavy traffic and we arrived safely at our overnight stop at 1:15 pM

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