Monday, May 31, 2010

Monday 31st May 2010 Mullion and Poldhu Coves

Once again it rained during the night, and to our surprise and pleasure it was sunny when we got up: As it is Bank Holiday Monday we didn't fancy a long trip as there was we thought likely to be heavy traffic on the main roads, so the decision was to drive just fifteen or so miles to Mullion Cove.
We found we were among the first people to arrive and there wasn't any traffic about, so parked in the lower car park and walked down into the cove.
There is a souvenir shop on the left which had this old Saracen figure head from a shipwrecked sailing ship outside.

Pat was amused to see the same notice we had first found in Seahouses in the shop window!
(This is one of Pats photos)

As you can see here apart from a couple of cars belonging to locals the place was practically deserted, and very pleasant to walk round and take our time.
Over on the left of the harbour there is a walkway out onto the harbour wall, up some stone steps

I did this panorama as there is no way that any wide angle lens can take in the view
The only occupants of the beach were these two, from the squeals of laughter young superman was really enjoying having the beach all to himself
(This is one of Pats photos)

As we went up onto the harbour wall this was the view across the other side, it really is a charming little place.
The water is calm in the harbour, but extremely rough outside the harbour wall, as this image shows
(This is one of Pats photos)

The Cove itself is very large I had to stitch three wide angle images together to get the view all in.
Across the harbour again this guy was taking it easy!
(This is one of Pats photos)

And this artist attracted a crowd of new arrivals as we watched, his work must have been interesting!
(This is one of Pats photos)

We decided to move on and the cove literally next door is called Poldhu, and a big family favourite as there is something for everyone there.
See waht I mean, an elderly couple soak up the sun in folding chairs, kids paddle in the shallow fresh water stream that runs across the beach and forms pools before reaching the sea, and in the distance Surf's up! for the more adventurous.
As usual the RNLI provide a lifeguard service, their flags and surfboards providing a nice splash of colour for a photo!
And when we got down to the waters edge we could see the waves that attracted the younger element to this beach, just look at those waves!
Some of the surfers were really very skilled as we notices a young woman setting u a folding notice board advertising a "Surfing School" during the afternoon.
The beach has toilets and a cafe too, so we decided to have Cheeseburgers (I had chips too) and a coffee, and we had a very tasty and agreeable lunch with a good view from our table (under a canopy!) of the activities in the bayBy now we were feeling rather tired, and we had some supermarket shopping to do, so off we went to Penzance to the big Tesco.
We had thought of going out after tea, but the rain started, so an evening in was obviously a much better bet!
We had a German caravan come on which had to full height doors in the right hand side, it turned out to have been adapted to take a wheelchair, there was even a fold out gadget that the thought at first was a ramp, but turned out to be a powered lift!
Amazing! we have never seen anything like it before, it makes a lot of sense for someone who has a handicapped partner or child.
This has been the oddest Bank Holiday down here as there wasn't really any more traffic, or bigger crowds than we had last weekend, it didn't seem like a bank holiday at all, and the campsite never got any busier, in fact tonight a lot of units have gone home after the weekend.
Still mustn't complain, it was a great weekend from our point of view!

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