Sunday, May 30, 2010

Sunday 30th May Porthcurno and Trengwainton Gardens

The weather forecast for today was dull in the morning and light rain from lunch time on, so imagine our pleasure and surprise when we woke to fitful sunshine!
No holiday in Cornwall is complete for us without a visit to the most beautiful beach in the British Isles, I mean of course Porthcurno!

We were very early and actually the first car on the car park.
This is a very unusual beach in that over generations the sand has built up into a 1 in 4 slope, so it's easy to get down to the water's edge, by very hard work to get back up again!
Someone has taken a lot of time and trouble to collect all these shells and spell out the name of the bay with such loving care!
At low tide the beach flattens out and the water is safe and shallow, but at high tide as here it is a very different story and the waves need to be treated with respect or you will be swept away!
These early arrivals are content to find a spot and wait for the tide to recede and reveal shallow areas where the kids can paddle. Though it is hard to believe when the tide is fully out you can wade out hundreds of yards to an exposed sandbar and people take out chairs to sit there surrounded by the shallow sea. This is one of Pat's Photos.
Because of the danger the RNLI lifeguards protect the beach, though with an on-shore wind it should be less problematic today!
Behind this happy family you can see Treen and the Logan Rock on the far side of the bay
Pat really struggled getting back up the steep beach, but insisted we go on to visit Trengwainton Gardens. A Latte in the tea room revived her somewhat and she insisted we go round the garden before we had lunch.
This is one of Pat's Photos.

The shop had the usual array of garden decorations including these giddy looking fairy toadstools
Just look at the beauty of this fern unfolding as it grows: marvellous!
The bees were having a whale of a time in the walled garden, which had been built according the guide book,in the shape and dimensions of "Noah's Ark" (it must have been a very large ship!)
Lovely Rhododendrons seem to be everywhere here in Cornwall and this garden was no exception.
This is one of Pat's Photos.

This cheeky little Robin caused Pat to stop and take his picture
This is one of Pat's Photos.

Inside the garden they had very cleverly raised banks to catch the sunshine, this ones was growing a fine crop of lettuces.
And just the ticket for an old tramp is this environmentally friendly shelter from the weather!
This is one of Pat's Photos.

At last it was lunchtime and we had a really delicious meal in the tearoom, Morrocan lamb on a bed of Vegetable Cous cous, with Flaked Almonds, with herbs of course, it was really delicious!Just as we left the gardens the rain finally arrived, but we didn't care as we had had a great morning out and we were shattered!

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beautiful pic's, looks like your both having a great time, enjoy! xx