Tuesday, September 28, 2004

Message in a bottle?

Well here we go, the first posting of my first blog, lord knows if anyone will see it, hence the title!
I live in the east riding of Yorkshire, England, close by the Humber Bridge.
Between our city and the coast lie about 15 miles of clay deposited by the last ice age, being eroded away by the sea , as the waves undermine the clay cliffs, which are only 20 feet high in places, and sometimes the waves are bigger than that!
It is an open landscape, flat fields stretch to the far horizon, beautiful in the summer when bright yellow with oilseed rape, or later when the barley waves like the sea in the summer wind.
The Humber is a strange river, nearly ten miles wide in places, and despite it's size almost empty of vessels, only one or two coasters run into Hull and Goole on the tide, rather a meagre number compared the the glory days when Hull was the third port, and had the largest fishing fleet in the world!
Now the river is a quiet haven for millions of migrant water birds...
An eerie yet beautiful place.