Monday, May 03, 2010

Monday 3rd May 2010 A day on Camp

Bank Holiday Monday lived up to it's reputation for bad weather and during the morning we watched the tent campers over on the other side of the field packing up for home.
At least mid morning there was a brighter window in the weather and they got their tent down dry.
We had a coffee morning in a tent that was billowing in the strong wind and threatening to take off.

This tranquil scene gives no idea that the rain was drumming down outside and the wind blowing like a mad thing!
We got lucky with the weather too and there was a brief interval that was long enough for the tent to dry out.
As can be seen from this chaos, we all work together like a well oiled machine (not!)Still we had had an enjoyable weekend and at least some of us where staying on for another night!

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