Monday, May 23, 2011

Monday 23rd May 2011: Homeward Bound, overnighting at Tewkesbury

We were packed up and left site for 8:02 AM and despite strong South Westerly side winds, made very good time out out Cornwall, and there were no traffic hold ups, so we arrived at the Caravan Club site in Tewkesbury for 1:30 PM, having done 248 miles and averaged 34.5 mpg which is exvellent when you consider that the car and Caravan were fullly loaded.
We went out to fill up with fuel and have tea in the local Morrisons Supermarket, and I took this shot of Tewkesbury Abbey from the site entrance.
It rained heavily for a couple of hours, but after it stopped and dried up I went out on the Brompton to explore the Abbey district.
Here is another view in it's grounds
There was a very ornate gate to the Abbey
Tewkesbury is an old town with many half timbered buildings, like this one
In the town centre there is an old stone cross, here is the view to the east.
And to the west
There was a degree of tree damage around the little town, and on site too, it had certainly been a breezy day!

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Sunday 22nd May Newquay, Coverack, and an evening walk in Porthleven

The last day of the holiday, and we were fortunate with the weather, so decided to visit Newquay. We couldn't find the park and ride, so went straight into the town centre and there was lots of free parking space, to our surprise, this is the view from the car park
And this figurehead is in an alleyway that runs off the end of the car park, we last saw it looking exactly the same more than 45 years ago!
And there is a bowsprit on the side of the building above the figurehead
The main street runs alongside the harbour and every 20 yards or so an alleyway leads through
to views like this
And here where you can see the main dockyard across the sound
This is from roughly the same position looking back into the town
And this is our last view od the waterfront as we headed back to the car
We felt we must have one last genuine Cornish Pasty for lunch, so we drove to St Keverne on the Lizard and bought a single large pasty to share and a Cinammon Whirl Danish Pastry from the local baker.
We drove to Coverack to eat them in wonderful scenery.
What a wonderful lttle harbour (dated 1750)
We just kept clicking away!
Then it was back to site for a rest and to start sorting round for the journey home tomorrow.
After tea we went for out traditional last evening walk in Porthleven
The wind had dropped and it was pleasant and warm
A pleasant way to end a great holiday.
Here's to the next time!

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Saturday 21st May, Lands End, Sennen and evening at Gunwalloe

We had hoped for a sunny day, but here we were disappointed! it was cloudy windy and cold, but we set of initially for porthcurno, but instead as it was dull we headed for Lands End, and were among the first on the car park
It's highly commercialised and theme parkish these days, look at the view inside the entrance
They work hard to push the local charities
And if you are willing to be "Fleeced" you can be photographed against the signpost with your home town and the mileage on it!
It was so windy and cold we didn't stay long,electing to go down into Sennen Cove where it was shelteres and much milder.
With its thatched cottages and lobster pots it is much more to our taste, and we bought a Pasty each from the shop which we shared with the same seagull from our previous visit!
And the fact that livingstone Daisies sprout from cracks in a stone wall as weeds appeals too!
The weather made it not worth while going too far, so we shopped and returned to the caravan, venturing out again after tea to Gunwalloe fishing cove on the Lizard
The coast is a bit rugged around here!
Built against the Sand Dunes if "St Winwalloes" the Church of the storms, a very attractive simple place of worship
And this is the main beach
Here is the back of the church, note the separate bell tower set into the dunes
And here is the statue of St Winwallow himself, he seems to have lost something from his right hand
inside the church is very simple, with the exception of the roof beams that are intricately carved, and some paintings of saints on the rood screen reminiscent of Russian Orthodox Icons
despite the less than summery weather we had a good day

Friday 20th May 2011 Kynance Cove and an evening local tour

We couldn't come to Cornwall without a visit to Kynance, even though the walk there from the car park is long and arduous, but this time we chose to take the longer but easier walk down rather than the steeper and shorter descent, here is the view from the rather rough road down.
That point is about halfway to our destination, and then a little further on we come to a headland with this magnificent view.
Here is a closer look,
And closer still, as you can see the tide is still in, more little beaches will be revealed as it goes out,
After passing the loos and the Cafe we arrive at last at the splendid beach.
After a good look round and climbing on the rocks it was time to climb back up to the Cafe and Share a Pasty and a Cornish Cream Tea between us, here you know who enjoyes a jam and clotted cream laden scone!
We had ckosen to have our lunch inside out of the sun but there was an extensive seating area out side the cafe on the small lawn, a few minutes later most of the seats were taken!
Then it was time to return to the car up the steeper though shorter ascent, fortunately there are steps at regular intervals where you can take a breather. great views too!
And closer to the car park looking back,
By this time we needed a rest and headed back to the car for a lazy afternoon, having a tea of baked potatoes with Prawns and home made "marie rose" sauce with a salad (Garfield ate most of the Prawns)
Then out we went for a local run around, here is a very narrow road leading to a clifftop car park at a place called Hendra
A couple of miles to the East we followed the road (which became a very rough track) to the National Trust Property "Rinsey Cliff" with this fine Beam engine house
Below are the magnificent clffs of Rinsey Head
And this somewhat "detached" house
And then on to Portheleven, the terminus for our evening tour.
An altogether super day!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Thursday19th May 2011 Mevagissey

A fairly long run by Cornwall standards, just under 50 miles from our campsite, but well worth it, we arrrived about 11 AM and set off into the little streets.
This is the cenotaph
And this is the point where you emerge onto the quayside
So we got busy snapping away!
AS you might expect the place is filled with "Golden oldies" cluttering up the place and enjoying the sunshine.
And we kept shooting! Here Pat prepares for her next shot
WE had just about reached the end of the inner harbour
And here is the dividing wall between the inner and outer harbours
And looking back from the same spot
And the inevitable man "messing about in boats"
Another view towards the village
Some bright colours here on boats and buildings
And at last the outer harbour, which always has some water even at low tide
By now it was lunchtime so we bought pasties (Pats Lamb and mint, mine traditional steak) and ate them on a bench on the harbour side, then there was time for a couple more shots before heading back to the car