Sunday, May 02, 2010

Sunday 2nd May, Castleton for lunch

We woke to the sound of a rain shower, and though there hadn't been a frost, there was a biting wind, and the sky was clouded over.
We decided to go to Castleton to our favourite cafe for lunch, and then on to Guisborough to visit the Supermarket there, and also the "Yorkshire Trading Company" next door to get some items for the caravan.
Anyway this image is looking down into Danby Dale, at the top of the long hill down into Castleton

Once lunch was over we did the shopping as intended and made out way back by retracing our route to Castleton, then via back roads to Westerdaleside where this image was taken
Further into Westerdale was this typical farm, it was pleasing to see that the spring had reached even here!We were too late to see the famous Farndale Daffodils, as they had bloomed while we were away in the Lake District!
The temperature this weekend has dropped way down, from 20C on Wednesday to 2C on Blakey Ridge, 9C in Pickering and 4C on the campsite....

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