Friday, May 14, 2010

Friday 14th May Anglesey Sea Zoo and a run round

After a very windy and wet night we woke to more of the same, so decided to do some food shopping and drive down to the Menai Strait to visit the Anglesey Sea Zoo, an obvious choice perhaps, considering our being season ticket holders to "The Deep"
This is obviously not as large as the Deep, and contains cold water fish, which actually made it more attractive to us as there are so few cold water species in the Deep.
Another attraction is that the tickets are valid for a week, and it has a good cafe, ideal for visiting on wet days
The tanks are very varied in size and shape, these were in the first one as you walk in through the entrance

And in the second tank these little beauties were happily swimming about
The next room had an interesting variety of tanks of different shapes and sizes
This column tank would be a nice one to have at home if we had the space!
Hows this for a funny face? this is a thorn back ray, it had what looked like a human grin!
There were crabs and starfish in plenty, and the aquarium was actually breeding cold water sea horses, too
This rather ugly creature is very aptly named, its a Lump Fish
To our surprise we found ourselves entering what really looked like a sunken ship, very cleverly designed with tanks all around and even overhead, even the floor was wet, it was very imaginatively done to the extent that some of the more nervous visitors find it frightening
Inside the "shipwreck" there are lots of different fish and crustaceans, including conger eels
This is one of the corners of the twisting corridors of the "Shipwreck" you can see two of the smaller tanks in this view
And here is another conger as we come around the corner
Towards the end of the exhibits there is a much bigger tank similar to the ones in the Deep, with a fine shoal of mixed species
They are not shy and will come right up to the glass, the lighting is good enough to permit good photos to be taken, and there are no restrictions on using your camera
After we had a rather nice lunch in the cafe, we spotted this tank of Koi Carp outside.
This is a place that is well worth visiting especially if the weather isn't too good.

Just outside the Zoo the road runs alongside the Menai Strait and there is a spendid view across towards the castle
We continued along the left had side of the island and stopped at the little village of Aberffaw where the coloured cottages make a lovely background to the boats in the river
There are little bays everywhere along this road, this is just outside Rhosneigr.
By now we were ready to head back to camp for a rest and tea, followed by a leisurely drive down to the shore of Red Wharf Bay, it looks great in the evening light, don't you think?

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