Thursday, May 13, 2010

Thursday 13th May 2010 Bodnant Garden

After another cold night we woke to bright sunshine, and looking over towards the mainland we could see that the skies had cleared, and in fact quite a lot of the snow on the mountains seemed to have melted away.
We arived at Bodnant garden just a bit early so had a cuppa in the car and at 10:00 AM we were some of the earliest visitors.
The Gardens only have been donated to the National Trust, Bodnant Hall is still the private residence of the Family (Baron Aberconwy) so it cannot be visited, but the gardens are amazing and really well worth visiting.

It was so nice to see the Rhododendrons were still in their full glory and keeping the bees busy, once again we visited at the wrong time for the Laburnum arches tunnel, which is one of the star attractions of the gardens
There were of course some very exotic flowers from all over the world mixed in with the local varieties, this one apparently is from China.
Here is Pat approaching the round garden, the top lawn is behind her, beyond the rather fetching azalea, growing low either side of the paths
There were some very delicately coloured Rhododendron flowers, and a garden informed us that one of the local Squirrels had developed the trick of nipping the flowers off at the base to drink the nectar: that's a pretty neat idea!
There were so many different colours and varieties of flowers that you found yourself shooting away in all directions it's a good job we dont use expensive films any more!
Pat tells me that these big waxy tree flowers are Magnolias, they were certainly very impressive, there were many of these trees scattered round the extensive gardens

This beautiful spot is called the Canal Terrace, and at the end of it the little folly is named "The PinMill" when we were here later in the summer last year the water was covered with the most beautiful water lilies, but so far the buds haven't reached the surface of the water but by their numbers they will make a really good show again.
This is the view of the house from the front lawn as we made our way back to the Pavilion Tea Room to have a delicious cooked lunch, Welsh Steak pie with mash and veg, very nice, too!!
As we left after lunch queues of cars were forming at the entrance, obviously a morning visit is advisable if you are in the area.
Back at camp we had a lazy afternoon and a light tea followed by a short but pleasant evening drive through Llaneuddog and Dulas via these lovely winding country roads, with great views out over the sea. The weather had become cooler and overcast but it was still very pleasant for an evening drive.
The road eventually brings you to Amlwch, but on the way it passes high up on the hillside, and though it is very narrow they have thoughtfully provided lay-by where you can park and take photos, this is the view down onto point Lynas.
It has been another great day!

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