Saturday, May 22, 2010

Saturday 22nd May 2010 Sennen Cove and Porthleven

We were pleasantly surprised to find it was easy to park right against the edge of the car park and have lovely view out over the bay. Pat is getting used to her new camera and for the first time has taken some especially for the blog. This first one however was one of mine with the Nikon D60This second one is one of Pat's using the full 18 times zoom plus a little digital zoom too, and the quality is more than adequate. This guy was really getting up to high speeds in the strong wind

Pat took this one too these flowers were growing under the railings on the promenade as weeds! rather more exotic than we get at home!

Another one of Pat's shots, just look at that lovely beach, and it isn't even crowded, this must be about the best time of year to come and visit Cornwall.
Pat's again of the marvellous scene at Cape Cornwall, you could believe it's a scene from the Mediterranean, couldn't you? it was over 20 Degrees as we walked along here.
We were pretty tired by mid afternoon with the walking and the heat so went back to the caravan and caught a couple of hours shuteye, emerging in time to pop down to Porthleven to have a really nice fish and chips (Scampi for me) on the little green looking down on the harbour.
As Pat walked into the Chippy with the camera round her neck the shop owner pretended to hide behind a menu and shouted "No Paparazzi!", then"Which paper do you work for?" which rather startled Pat!
Everyone in the shop laughed!
This shot is one of mine using the Nikon D60
And this pleasant little shot another of mine, this time on the Panasonic TZ6 compact, as I couldn't be bothered to carry the long lens for the Nikon as it was so hot!
Final shot of the day, mine with the Nikon D60. It was one of those evenings you dream about in the winter, there was hardly a breath of wind down on the harbour and time seemed to stand still.

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