Saturday, April 21, 2012

Saturday 21st April: Surprise view and a tour

First stop was surprise view.
and then for a few shots of Ashness Bridge
Then down into Keswick for some last minute gift shopping
and after tea time for a last walk by the lake.

Friday 20th April, Langdale, Wrynose etc

the plan was to get ome photos of Blea Tarn, so off we set and the reflections in Derwentwater were well worth stopping to shoot.
The weather in Langdale was pretty good
But it had closed in at Blea Tarn, so we had to give it a miss. By the time we got to Wrynose the weather had changed and it was raining as we made the descent to Wrynose Bottoms.
We continued down the Duddon Valley to Broughton and then on to Millom to have a Ham and Eggs lunch at the Bridge Cafe.
Then we had a leisurely ride back along the coast

Friday, April 20, 2012

Thursday 19th April 2012: Whitehaven and Castlerigg

After a very wet night a cloudy morning, we set off over Honister pass
And after a pleasant drive ended up at our favourite chippy in Whitehaven, here's Pat's whale and chips!
Then a brisk walk along the harbour.
There are some really strange cycle racks on the quayside
Turning into the town we came to the Market Place
And these remarkably lifeflike bronze statues of local fisher lads from the 1960's
And some new pebble and slate mosaics wwe hadn't seen before
The weather had been far better than we had expected and we rounded off the day with an after tea run up to the Castelrigg stone circle

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Wednesday 18th April 2012: tarn Howes

Despite it being dull and showery we decided it was time for a visit, though the icy cold wind meant that this amounted to a brief walk to take photos! here is a Samsung phone panorama.
And a view of the valley on the way out
We toured down to have lunch at Millom then came back by a roundabout route.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Tuesday 17th April 2012: Silloth and the Solway coast

Rain over the lakes decided us to have a day out on the coast, so off we go through Maryport, along the coast road to Silloth
And a visit to the Local Baker was in order too!
They may be banned by Weightwatchers on health and safety grounds, but we love them!
Here is my Coronation Chicken Sandwich
And I just had to have one of their positively evil buns!
We continued back along the coast to Whitehaven before returning to camp.

Monday 16th April 2012: Kendal and Thirlmere

We set off with the intention of going to Tarn Howes, but the rain showers decided us to go shopping in Kendal, we haven' been into the town centre for 40 years plus!
At least I recognised this part of the town with the Statue!
And these narrow streets.
Wwe managed to get the required shopping, had lunch and came back via Thirlmere
The skies cleared later in the day so we went out again..
For a short circular run via Newlands Valley and back

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Sunday 15th Apr 2012: St Bees and Wastwater

Our journey took us over Honister Pass, and the camera phone was used to take these

We had intended to have fish and chips in our favourite cafe in Whitehaven, but when we found it was closed we diverted to St Bees and had a surprisingly tasty Steak pie and peas (Patty had beans with hers) followed by a very high calorie Malteser Slice, which we enjoyed very much!

The skies were clear, and despite the roads being very slow going due to the fact that there was some sort of cycling event going on, we made it to enjoy fine views of the Screes, which are usually veiled in mist.
A couple of Panoramics from the phone should help here

and a walk after tea to view Friars Crag to round off the day

Saturday 14th April 2012 Haweswater.

We started off with a visit into Keswick to visit the market, which was busy and interesting to walk around.
We had an "All day Beakfast" in a cafe, which was OK rather than good,and then across country to the rather remote Haweswater, which is always nice and quiet to visit!
I used the camera phone to do these panoramas.

I thought it made rather a good job of them!
And we had the pleasure of Keith's company during the evening, very pleasant too!

Friday 23rd April: A run to the West and back over Hardknot and Wrynose

But first an early morning walk down to the lake and a chance to try out the new camera phone!

Then off through Newlands valley to Buttermere and beyond
We shopped briefly in Workington then continued to Gosforth to our usual Cafe, but found that they quality of the food wasn't up to the standard we have come to expect, so that's one off our list!
The run up to Hardknott was in bright sunshine, but once we were part way up the first steep section we ran into a Hailstorm, not the sort of thing you want on that road!
ortunately there wasn't a sufficiently heavy fall for it to lay, otherwide it could have made for an awkward journey!
At the top of Wrynose we stopped to take a picture once again with the new phone.
Then there was the usual worst part of the crossing, the narrow roads after the passes!
It was a good day out!
Keith Chambers had come over from Breadnell and was camping at the Camping Club site at Keswick and came over to spend the evening with us: he brought us a very welcome treat, Rum truffles from Trotters bakery in Seahouses, very welcome indeed!

Thursday April 12th; Low Manesty

We had a pleasant run over from Whitby and found the site still busy from the Easter weekend.There wasn't time for photos as we had to go into Workington to replace my Mobile phone which had gone on the blink!

Saturday, April 07, 2012

Saturday 7th April 2012: Redcar, Saltburn and Kettleness

It was a wet start to the day so we decided to visit Redcar to shop before having lunch in Saltburn at the Signals Bistro, the weather was wet and cool, but improved by the time we had lunch, and we decided to stop off At Kettleness so that I could get a couple of views.
Here is the first one, a panorama of two images looking across the bay to Runswick Village.
That was the view looking north, her is the one to the south, of the site of the village of Kettleness, which slid into the sea one stormy night in 1904.
A grand Day out!

Friday, April 06, 2012

Thursday 5th April 2012 Low Moor, Whitby

We rather expected to run into the snow we knew had fallen the previous day, but the only traces we saw were on distant hilltops, and we arrived on site just after 1pm, securing the pitch we wanted (no 1) near the site entrance.
The stewards told us that there had been four inches of snow on the previous day (it had almost all melted by the time we arrived) and the electricity supply had gone off for ten hours!
After getting sorted out I tried to connect to the internet to find that the connection was far worse than on our previous visit and it was virtually impossible to load any images.
We drove down into Whitby and parked on the Customs Wharf, enjoying the warm sunshine, strolling around the harbour and shopping before a very tasty Fish and Chips tea in our favourite café opposite the Co-op
Throughout the day the skies were clear and blue, though there was a cold edge to the wind
Fine reflections on the harbour!