Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Tuesday 1st June 2010. Lamorna,Porthgwarra, and Lands End

We had heavy rain during the night and the early part of the morning, so it was eleven o clock before we left camp and headed into Penzance to buy Pat a new watch (her old one had failed) at the local Argos, and have lunch in the local Wimpy Bar (the last time we went into one of these was over forty years ago. We had chicken steaks with chips and salad and they were very tasty.
As the sun had come out we drove to Lamorna Cove and parked on the harbour, it was very busy with people who were going diving

There is a cafe there which has a very pleasant terrace that has this rather nice view out over the bay
Winter storms have torn a great breach in the outer harbour wall, as you can see it is now unsafe, a pity as there were rather nice views from the end
We enjoyed an ice cream and marvelled that anyone can live happily in a house that has that huge mass of loose boulders overhanging it!
As we left Lamorna we looked at the map to see if there were any places that we hadn't been to in the past and we found one "Porthgwarra" between Porthcurno and Lands End. It was down a very long, narrow and winding lane and felt like the back of beyond, but once we got there we found it enchanting, This map was on the wall of the shop cum cafe as we reached the bottom of the hill

The end of the cottage sported this colourful collection of floating objects picked up off the beach
There are two ways to get down to the beach, the steep slip way or this little tunnel through the headland, but you had to take care as the rocks inside are wet and slippery
The bay is lovely with some strange "piled up" rock formations which look man made, and passages and caves eroded into the cliffs.
It was warm work climbing back up the slipway, but as you can see the view was worth it.
We moved on to Lands End, and there was a huge crowd and hundreds of cars parked, but I was determined to get some photos, so I went in anyway!
It is a cross between an amusment arcade and a shopping centre as you can see!
People were paying to have the signpost changed to their home town and be photographed, this is what I believe is called a "nice little earner!"
There were some massive waves breaking over the rocks, so I spent a little time taking photos of this spectacle
Here is Lands End itself, set in a wide blue sea
And of course the inevitable "First and Last of Everything" was there too.
And a nice image of a yacht passing the lighthouse to round off this days blog

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