Saturday, May 10, 2008

9th May 2008 Northumberland here we come!

We were packed and got away early, the weather was unseasonably hot (Naturally when the car air conditioning goes on the blink, isn't it?) but we did manage to remain cool.
Arrived safely at 2:15 and after a fairly relaxed afternoon and cooked tea we went down into Seahouses for a look around the harbour and the shops.
This is earlier in the year than we usually come, and the place was fairly quiet.
There was a cool wind off the sea so it was a pretty cool evening, as a mist was gathering too, nevertheless I took a couple of photo's and also a pair to make a vertical panorama.
Here it is:

And the others...
The first is the view as taken,

the second after applying the LOMO treatment in the GIMP

We made our customary visit to the "Farne Gift Shop" which must have about the largest selection on cheap goods in the country, and even stocks Lindisfarne mead and wines....I can recommend the Sloe wine: it's very toothsome!

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