Thursday, May 22, 2008

22nd May 2008 Lindisfarne Day

Today's crop of images were all taken on the Fuji s9600 bridge camera, and we begin with a hand held 300mm equivalent shot of the countryside near Alnwick. Our journey today took us first to Berwick and shopping at the supermarket, and then just a little further north to to Hilltop viewpoint called "Conundrum" and here is the view from there down onto Berwick and beyond to the Lindisfarne, then Bamburgh Castles.
A little morning mist still clings to the town, but hasn't the Zoom lens of the Fuji done a fine job? and all shots by the way are hand held, no tripod!
The next image is on Lindisfarne as we walked past the harbour in the direction of the castle, which we see here in the distance, again this was taken at the 300mm setting.
Now a couple taking a rest with the magnificent bulk of Bamburgh castle stacked up close by the 300mm Zoom.
As we approached the castle I clambered down among the rocks and used the 28mm setting to use the coloured rocks as a foreground,
A little lower towards the tideline and these weather beaten and eroded poles make another striking foreground for the castle
And finally a badly cropped shot (Where's the flag?) included only to demonstrate the sheer quality the fuji lens at 300mm can provide, even hand held

All images were shot in RAW, converted in Faststone Viewer; and sharpened, resized, and a drop shadow added in the same software.

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