Wednesday, May 14, 2008

14th May 2008, still trying to find some blue sky!

Dry, but cold, and a uniformly grey sky, so once again it seemed a better idea to head inland than stay on the coast, and once again the ploy failed!
Still we did have a very pleasant drive through some rolling green hills, but there wasn't an easy way to make a good photograph from them, as the details in the landscape were both small and very far away, and partly obscured by a distant mist.
One day I'll figure out how to take a good photograph under these conditions, but I have to admit I haven't got there yet!
We headed off into the countryside more or less parallel to Rothbury, and found a dead end road signposted "Castle Hill, 1 mile" so off we went, and five and a half miles later over steep gradients and hairpin bends ended up in the stack yard of a deserted farm, and of the Castle there was no sign whatsoever.
Still it was a good ride, so we stopped and had a cuppa from out flasks and headed for Amble on the coast where we ate our packed up lunch.
Next village along heading north is Warkworth,and we stopped in the square and I took four separate shots to make this Panorama.
Then it was back to camp and Pat rested while I cycled down into Seahouses with the Fuji S9600 to look around the harbour. The first thing that took my eye was the one boat running trips to the Farne Islands was just returning, So I took a shot with the zoom at 300mm

Then used it at the same setting to capture a young gull.

A couple of shots were then taken at 28mm on the harbour,

And the advert for a wife is still up on the wall in the village.....

And the ship inn still has the fishing boat parts fastened on the end wall

After tea we drove down to Beadnell and as the tide was the lowest I have seen it in a long time I was able with some difficulty to walk into the harbour mouth: spent some time altering this image as it was rather dull and lifeless to beging with.
Altogether it was a pretty good day!

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