Tuesday, May 27, 2008

26th May: time to go Home!

Homeward bound at last, but not before a last walk along the beach in the early morning sunshine.
With only the gulls for company I headed south along the beach in the direction of Beadnell, the strong on shore wind has scattered a large amount of seaweed along the beach and many birds are seeking breakfast among the fronds.
As I climbed the gentle slope once used for fishing boat launching I looked back at the now collapsing boats and huts that I remember seeing the fishermen sitting outside in the evening mending their nets, now sadly only a memory.
On the main road frontage an anchor acts as foreground to the camping club site on the corner and in the far distance you can see the line of caravans on our site.
The final picture is of our car and caravan, waiting to be hitched up and driven home, which took place immediately after this picture was taken.
We were away by quarter to nine and made good time as there was surprisingly little traffic for a bank holiday monday, though there was a strong side wind buffeting us, so I had to keep the speed down for safety's sake. I was pleasantly surprised when getting home to find that the car recorded 33.9 mpg for the journey.
Not only that but we had won £50 on the Premium Bonds! (well,it's better than nothing, eh?)

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