Friday, May 23, 2008

28th May 2008 Moving on today, but first!

A quick blog this morning as we shall be swapping campsites at noon:
Here is a shot pretty much "as is" of Lindisfarne Castle taken on the Nikon D60.
I remembered seeing the boxes of Souvenir Fudge in the gift shot, so thought why not try to recreate the "Chocolate Box" effect for a bit of fun, and here are a couple of images with it applied.
The effects were done in the GIMP and also a very old Photoshop Elements version 1.0!
Basically a sample is taken of a small area of the sky and the saturation and the density of the colour is adjusted: it has the saturation increased and then it is darkened.

when this is done, the levels command is used on the whole image. The limit slider on the dark end is brought in till it touches the end of the Histogram, and the mid tones (middle) slider moved towards the lighter end of the Histogram to darken the mid tones.
Good fun, why not try the effect yourself?
Until getting home late monday updates to the blog will be subject to the amount of power my jury rigged recharging system can put back into the laptop battery, as where we are going there "ain't no power"
We made the move successfuly then into Seahouses for a very enjoyable (though un-finishable as too much was provided Fish and Chips and mushy peas, then enjoyed a lazy afternoon.After tea we went for a walk along the beach at Bamburgh, where I took these two (and many other) pictures on the S9600 bridge camera.
Look at the detail in the handful of shells, and in the distant castle in the second shot...

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