Sunday, May 04, 2008

3rd May 2008 Off to Castleton

We fancied an "all day breakfast" and yes, we know we shouldn't, but the best place for one has to be the Castelton Tea rooms, so after a bit of shopping in Scarborough, that's where we headed.
The weather was warm and mild, which was a bit odd as it was cloudy, so the south wind had to be the reason for the unusually mild day.
We enjoyed our meal as much as usual and looked out of the window to see a woman walking two Llamas along the pavement opposite: that has got to be a first!
We had a very enjoyable tour back through the back lanes, visiting first Danby Beacon, where you can see for miles out the the coast, then across to the Whitby to Pickering road, stopping at Hole of Horcum to enjoy an ice cream,
and as usual I took a few photographs.
We had a light tea as there was a pie and peas supper on in the Social Tent during the evening.
(The mushy peas had their revenge later in the evening)

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