Thursday, May 01, 2008

1 May 2008: White Rabbit,White Rabbit,White Rabbit!

I wonder why and from where the tradition of saying that on the first day of the month came?

Ah well,back from holiday and trying to get used to the old routine, eh?

I went into the garden and took a shot of a rather lazy blowfly on a dandelion.

The macro capability of the Nikon D60 is amazing, once upon a time you wouldn't have achieved this sort of result with anything other than an expensive macro lens!
Already we are planning our next trip, but first I need to buy a new pair of caravan extension mirrors as mine are now illegal under the new laws...typical!
Plus we need a replacement Propane cylinder too, not to mention some food shoppind, as naturally the cupboard is bare when you come back of holiday...

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