Tuesday, May 06, 2008

6th May 2008 And still sunny

More than two day's on the trot: must be Global Warming at work?
I have been using a Switched Mode power supply this weekend in the caravan, as we are on a field with No Mains supply, and by and large it has been a success.
The gadget can't cope with the full supply requirements of the laptop as it's rated at 70 watts and the laptop's mains power supply is 120watts.
However it can be used to supplement the laptop battery when the laptop is running, and by closing the lid of the laptop and putting it in hibernate mode, I can recharge the battery.
This means that I can run the laptop a third of the time and charge it for two thirds.
I am using a second leisure battery as a power source, which I charge in the car during the day with a special lead designed to allow one car to boost the flat battery on another. This works well and this rid means I can access the internet and my blog wherever we go this summer.
Rather neat, I thought!
we got back home at lunch time and now i'm formatting the laptop hard drive and setting it up again with a lot less junk aboard to make it faster (I hope)
Garfield was tired too and commandeered the laptop case as an impromptu bedroom while I was out in the garden looking at the dandelions that had taken over the lawn in our absence

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