Monday, May 19, 2008

19th May 2008 Wallington revisited

The forecast was sunny, and a little warmer inland that the rather cool 10C forecast for the coast, so we decided on a return visit to Wallingford to go round the house
But before that opened, there was time for a little run down the coast.The first two shots were taken yesterday evening but included in todays blog as processed this morning, shot number one is a multi image vertical panorama of the Harbour designed to give precedence to the forground boats, which tend to get lost as they are low down under the harbour wallSecond shot is of a group of trippers having a late fish and chips snack in superb surroundings!

Nikon D60 Zoom at 18mm

Nikon D60 Zoom at 18mm

So we went south along the coast and took this of the River Aln , as clasic a view of "Ox Bows" as you will find anywhere!

Nikon D60 Zoom at 18mm

Arriving at Wallington I couldn't resist the stone Dragon Heads in profile

Fuji S9600

Or against Wallington Hall in the background

Fuji S9600

And on our way back Between Rothbury and ALnwick, this classic lighting attracted my eye

Nikon D60 Zoom at 55mm

And a little closer to Alnwick I took these four images all within a few yards of each other, in the sort of spot once described by Ansell Adams
"Sometimes I get to a place where God has arranged everything and is just waiting for someone to come along and press the shutter."
This was one such place!

Nikon D60 zoom at 18mm.

After tea I went for a walk along the beach in the direction of Seahouses: it was pretty quiet, with just a man and wife and dog to add a little detail to the scene, and for once quite mild

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