Tuesday, May 13, 2008

13th May 2008 A visit to Scotland (St Abbs)

At last we have a fog free morning (even if it isn't sunny) so a trip up over the border so St Abbs is our plan for today. Here's a small panorama to give you the feel of the place.

There's a free car park at the top of the hill above the harbour, and you can either descend via steps from the right hand end, or via a sloping road at the left, where there are some very steep steps, too.
As we walked to the left of the car park to descend I spotted something new: a Bronze waist high memorial to an almost forgotten time of great sorrow for the area.

In 1881 there was the Eyemouth fishing disaster. It was during the great storm of 1881 on the 14th October and it occured on the Berwickshire coast. Overall 129 local fishermen drowned and that left 73 widows and 263 children without a father. There were a few survivors but not many compared to how many fishermen set off on that journey.
The memorial is a simple rectangular panel depicting the harbour wall and the despairing wives and children of the fishermen staring out to sea: since some of the boats sank and the crews drowned within the harbour itself at the last moment before safety, this is especially poignant and sad, it is also a work of art in it's own right!
The first view of the harbour is a tele shot taken with the Fuji,

I have long admired the complex shape of this harbour, so busy in the summer with both fishing boats and Divers out for the day.
One such boatful was making it's way out of the harbour:

thesetwo images were taken on The Nikon D60, the one of the boat receding into the "light chop" with the Fuji at 300 mm setting of the zoom.
As we walked back up the hill I took a further shot of the lifebelts on top of the wheelhouse on one of the moored boats with the Fuji

And I never could resist the tangle of ropes and the coloured floats outside a boat locker!

As we came back over the border we shopped at the local Supermarket, then drove south down the A1 to have lunch at an old favourite of mine (Oxford Farm Shop) I first discovered this when I was on the road, I used to pop in on my way back from Edinburgh during the winter months and have one of their farmhouse soups and crunchy rolls (sometimes followed by their huge scones with home made jam and butter...(Disgraceful! but I loved it!)
Today we had mince, dumplings veg and mashed potato followed by Home made Rasberry Jam sponge and custard..tea included £6 each...
And we needed a sleep this afternoon!

Changing the subject somewhat there's a for once fairly favourable review of a bridge camera (The FujiS100FS of course!) where the usual banal criticisms are made , though they do actually admit that it can produce some impressive images.
Such comments as "While it does have a very convenient focal length range, the optic cannot be upgraded"
This is absolute nonsense when put into the context of a Low end DSLR where you have to throw away the junk zoom lens they ship it with and buy somehing decent before you start, and makes even less sense when you start looking for a 28 to 400 mm lens for a DSLR that can beat the lens on the S100FS
You would have to spend the best part of £1000 pounds as a minimum.
One wonders what planet the reviewers in these magazines live on, it certainly isn't the planet Earth!
Congratulaions are due to Fuji for a very fine camera indeed...
It has been cloudy all day, with the odd moment when the sun has peeked through, but at least it has been fog free and not too windy, with a top temperature of 12 C.
This evening is cloudy and rather cool, but we're enjoying an evening in for a change.

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