Saturday, May 10, 2008

10th May 2008: a day inland

As there was a fine mist on the coast, and of course it's busier as it's weekend, we decided to have an inland tour, so headed to the A1 and headed south to Newton On the Moor, then west via country roads to the less busy Harwood Forest District. We had a very pleasant woodland walk, then took the road that loops around the other side of the forest, past several pleasant villages.

To have lunch in a cafe in Rothbury, were it was 20 degrees C and we sat out enjoying an ice cream,

before coming home via Alnwick.
We ate a sandwich tea and then I biked down into Beadnell harbour, and took some photo's of the superb wildflowers in the hedges of the road

before riding onto the harbour itself, where inevitably I took a couple more!

At camp it was cooler at 15C, as the wind of the sea was still there, but it's been a great day for weather.

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