Monday, May 12, 2008

12th May 2008, better after a foggy start.

Yesterday's fog enjoyed itself so much, it stayed for an encore: so we woke in a mist so thick, we could only see about 100 yards.
Since this was such an encouraging start, we decided to drive over the border into Scotland, to Kelso, under the naieve notion that things would have to get better: sadly the reverse was true, so we diverted in the direction of Berwick on Tweed and the coast, remembering a fine lunch we had had at the "Oxford Farm shop and Restaurant"
Alas, they close on a Monday!
Further encouraged by this second bit of obvious good luck we went over the causeaway on to Lindisfarne (Holy island) and there the weather did at last tire of it's joke and improve.
We ate our packed lunch in the car and enjoyed a walk around the harbour, the walls seemed to sprout flowers from the cracks between the stones , and I took one or two pictures of the old "boat" sheds, which alas can never be replaced as the boats that were used to construct them are a thing of the past.
We returned to the caravan for tea, and had Garfield's favourite (a Prawn Salad) or rather he had the prawns and we had the salad!
While Pat rested I walked across the road to the dunes and the beach and took some photis of the native plants already setting seed.
Although the sky was still cloudy I really wanted to take at least a few photographs (for old tiime's sake and the practice) so we drove the couple of miles to Bamburgh.

The light was dull and flat so I had to content myself with trying out different compositions for effect, (here's a couple) and finally I decided that a vertical panorama of three images plus the LOMO filter in the GIMP could best express my reaction to the beach and CastleI started looking through the day's images and decided to see how it could be "perked up" using a combination of LOMO filter and HDR, plus a bot of dodging and burning, so here it is!

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