Tuesday, May 27, 2008

25th May, last full day of the Holiday!

For our last full day we fancied running up to Dunbar, so set off early and headed first for a fill of Diesel at the local garage, where we had found the cheapest fuel for miles at£1.159 per litre.,
We then headed for the A1 and the Oxford Farm shop for a last day treat of their nome made scones, butter and raspberry jam, before reaching Berwick and food shopping.
Once over the border we ran into fog and decided to finish the journey as we could see it was clearing away inland from the coast.
This proved to be correct and we emerged into sunshine as we crested the hilltop above Dunbar and began the descent into the town.
It's a strange old place, where you can park for nothing on the harbour side, though this time the bridge linking the inner harbour to the outer wall was up and out of use so I couldn't get the the far end of the harbour and photograph the heavy sea that was running, driven by an on-shore gale.
We enjoyed the view on the harbour, then drove a little way south to Whitesands bay, a deserted beauty spot where you can see Barns Ness lighthouse in the distance, and here We ate or packed lunch in sunshine, listening to the distant cries of the gulls and the crashing of the heavy sea on the reef.
After a very pleasant hour we continued along the coast road to an old Favourite: Coldingham Bay, here's a panorama...
This was busy with surfers and families out for the day, and the sun was sufficiently strong to take the edge off the strong wind.
On our return journey we pased the garage where I had filled up in the morning and the Diesel price had risen 5 pence a litre to £1.20 during the day!
During the evening I had intended a walk along the beach, but instead we had visitors, our friends who had come up for a few days from Bagshot in Surrey, so my last shot of the day was a sunset with the colourful caravan flags in the foreground. It had been a memorable last full day.

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