Sunday, May 04, 2008

4th May 2008 a visit to Skinningrove

This is an old favourite of ours, a broken down back of beyond forgotten mining and fishing village in the back of beyond that time has forgotten: Magic!

We parked near the front row of cottages, The fishing boats are on a flat piece of land over the creek (there's no harbour) and above them on the hillside are the home made sheds and pigeon lofts of the men of the village.
Walking to the left of the car park brings you to the remains of the great slope from the steel works on the cliff top down to the ruin of the jetty and breakwater, and once through the gap (it was once a bridge) you come to a truly magnificent long beach, that's always just about deserted.
The cliffs above are very high and very odd to look at, as slag was poured over the edge for many years and has given them a rounded appearanceThere's little normal litter such as you find on most beaches, most of the flotsam and jetsom is either natural, of from the fishing boats.
When you come to leave Skinningrove you go over the hilltop in the direction of Whitby, and get this great view down onto Staithes

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