Sunday, May 18, 2008

18th May 2008 a Sunny morning for a change!

The sun greeted us for once, we packed up lunch quickly and drove north, visiting a viewpoint above Berwick with the rather unusual name of Conundrum:From this high point we were looking down on Berwick and the coast as far as Bamburgh: if any of you happen to be in this area, its well worth a visit:

I took several images to make this panorama

**Nikon D60 100 ASA Standard Zoom at 18mm

Next port of call was down the 1 in 3 hill into Burnmouth, which is on the Eyemouth road , just off the A1.
Burnmouth is really just a harbour and a row of houses on both sides of the bay, but it is very scenic.

**Nikon D60 100 ASA Standard Zoom at 18mm

Back up the hill and a few mores miles and we pass Coldingham Bay and St Abbs and drop down into Eyemouth, branching off through the side streets to come down to the free car pak at the end of the harbour, and here we find a genuine fishing community still mercifully able to make a living!
When you come from Hull, it does your heart good to see, after what happened to our huge deep water fleet of trawlers.
Naturally enough, I was snapping away

**Nikon D60 100 ASA Standard Zoom at 18mm

We walked round the old town and this sign on a shop door window reminded me were in Scotland!

Fuji s9600

And we stopped to read this memorial to the great East Coast Fishing disaster of 1881

Fuji S9600

At this point there was an extremely loud explosion and the gulls rose in clouds from the rooftops screaming in protest...A maroon!
The lifeboat was launching, so we hurriedly finished off the curry and chips we could resist buying and went back to the harbour, but by then the lifeboat had gone, but Pat spotted this sign in the the RNLI building window.

Fuji S9600

And before long we spotted the lifeboat returning

Fuji S9600 300mm 100 ASA

And got this shot as they docked

Fuji S9600 at 28mm 100 ASA

As it was a nice day we drove further north to rejoin the A1 before heading back and I took this shot of the Torness Nuclear Power station and Peas Bay

Fuji S9600 at 300mm 100 ASA

We were a little weary when we got back, but enjoyed the run: I went out on the Brompton later and we had a lazy evening in the sunshine.
We founf out the the reaon for the lifeboat launch was that a diver has been lost today, they have abandoned the search now till tomorrow, but I guess there isn't much hope for him now!

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