Monday, May 05, 2008

5th MAy 2008 An unusual Bank Holiday Monday

It didn't rain! that's a first, I must say! This morning I went for a walk and saw the first hairy caterpillar of the summer.
After lunch we decided to stay local to the caravan site area as it's Bank Holiday monday, so we went down to Reighton Gap, which was pleasantly busy, meaning hardly anyone there!
The way down isn't too bad, here's Pat on the lower cliff.
It used to have a radar station and gun emplacements on the beach, but these are now in ruins, annd more interesting for that.
The beach down there is superb and stretches for miles and for the first time this year it was shirt sleeve weather, a great afternoon out.
During the evening of course the temperature soon fell and there was a heavy dew by sunset

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