Tuesday, May 20, 2008

20th May 2008 Berwick and beyond!

First a comment on processing: one of the members of the BCUG was experiencing difficulty with RAW images converted on FastStone viewer, and at first glance there did seem to be a problem, but after a bit of rummaging and mucking about with the controls, I have found it to be a very handy and competent piece of software: the problem with it is that there is no real assistance provided in explaining the functions it has, and unless you really know what it has available as functions, you don't get good results.
(Sounds like a famous camera manufacturer I know!)
The first group of photo's were shot in Fuji RAF format, and the second in Nikon's NEF format: Faststone viewer handles them both with equal ease!
We begin with two shots on the beach opposite Annsted Farm, yesterday evening, as you can see, Northumberland beaches are gorgeous and deserted too!

The next shot of the returning Eyemouth Lifeboat was shot on the Fuji S9600 in RAW (RAF) format, and there is plenty of fine detail well rendered in this jpg conversion
And so to today: the next shot is a Nikon one (NEF) of Pat enjoying one of the superb Oxford Farm shop freshly baked scones with their home made Rasberry jam and butter.

Followed by the view from the Ramparts of Berwick Looking at the town Hall Nikon (NEF)

And here's a shot of the cannon facing out over the mouth of the 'Tweed (Nikon NEF)
We decided as it was such a nice day to go St Abbs again to take advantage of the better light, and the next images were taken with the Fuji S9600 in RAF format.,

The final three images were taken with the Nikon D60 in NEF format before conversion.

Every image on today's blog was processed and the conversions done with FastStone Image viewer, and rather interestingly, the same settings used as standard between the RAF and the NEF files!

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