Friday, May 30, 2008

30th May, and Whitby in the mist!

We're off again, this time only a short hop from home (60 miles or so) to Whitby, as we have to be back early next week for a dental appointment.
Looking out in the garden I spotted this rather attractive little flower, so naturally it had to have it's portrait taken!
We set off in sunshine and a stiff breeze, then ran into our usual enemy: a Sea Fret (fog for those unfamiliar with the term.) and arrived on site shortly after lunch: these days I usually drive round the site seeking the strongest signal for the mobile internet modem (modern times, eh?)
We snoozed through the afternoon and old stirred to drive down into Whitby for shopping, and a Fish and Chip evening meal, well, you can hardly come to Whitby and not do that, now can you?
We parked on the North Cliff to eat them, and I could see down onto the harbour entrance, and the one or two people intrepid (or stupid) enough to go for a walk in the chilling Nor,nor easterly damp wind: so the photos are intended to capture the rather sombre mood of a typical English early in the season holiday.
The coloured beach huts offered a little life into the otherwise rather bland image: naturally i could have livened it up by hiking up the contrast etc., but I felt that this would destroy the mood I was trying to record!

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