Sunday, May 25, 2008

24th May 2008 Kielder Water Day

Todays pictures are almost all from the Nikon D60 with the exception of the seaweed sand an foam, from the Fuji S9600.
The shots of Bamburgh and Beadnell Harbour are from yesterday and the Scenics are from today.
We drove inland through Alnwick and Rothbury to go to see Kielder water, the weather was beautiful when we set out, but became cloudy, dull and cooler with every mile we headed further inland! but to be honest Kielder isn't a patch on anything in the lake district, and heavily commercialised, though the journey there and back was through some really fine and highly varied countryside.
Also the weather became steadily better when heading back to the coast and we arrived back at the campsite in bright sunshine to find it much busier than it had been when we left it, as more people arrived from distant parts.
To our surprise, though, it wasn't completely full.
We then had a quiet afternoon and evening, I took the shot of the seaweed during my evening stroll along the beach opposite our campsite.
Walking back from the beach the tall fishing poles being used as a flagpole on many caravans diplaying flags and chinese fish and other captive kites made a colourful splash against the deep blue sky: another favourite adornment for them is small bat shaped kites that swoop and circle in the wind.

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