Friday, June 03, 2011

Friday 3rd June 2011 Off to Northumberland!

Up early and on the road for 8:30 AM, a relatively smooth run up (though there was very heavy traffic moving at a walking pace on the Newcastle Ring Road) we really needed the air conditioning, as the weather was unseasonably hot, at one point the computer recorded 28 Degrees Centigrade outside!
We arrived on site for 1:30 PM, the car returning 34.7 mpg for the trip.
We got a great pitch with a view over Tweedmouth, here it is from the front of the caravan through the open window

With it being so hot we took our time getting set up, and had Baked Potatoes with Prawns in a Marie Sauce (though we got about one third of the prawns while Garfield ate two thirds!
And after tea decided on a walk around the Berwick Defensive walls, parking on the Castle Car park
This is the view down onto the Market Square and the Moot Hall from the bridge over the road
There are several graceful bridges over the Tweed, this is one of the modern ones
A little dock lies below and you can see the larger "Tweed Docks" on the far side of the river.
There are some fine buildings along by the walls, here is a typical example
Berwick is a Garrison town and this is one of the guardhouses.
The old houses have attractive gardens too like this one.
Facing out to sea is "Six Cannon Battery" though only one remains there, and it was captured from the Russians at Sevastopol in the Crimean War. Our daughters used to love to climb on it and have their photos taken.
And finally, a view across the River of out campsite!

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