Thursday, June 30, 2011

Thursday 30th June 2011: Last day at Low Moor

Scarborough was our destination, we visited first the Mere, then Olivers mount
And then down to park on the Esplanade above the South Bay, we set off and walked down
and down to the Italian Gardens
And here they are freshly replanted for the summer season
This cheeky little chap came to see us, but we had given all our bread to the ducks and geese on the Mere!
The little lily pond had been tidied up nicely since our last visit.
and further down the hillside paths we looked out over what used to be the Olympic open air swimming bath in earlier days.
we enjoyed our lunch in the Clock Cafe, but got caught in a heavy shower making our way back up the cliff, so arrived at the car dripping!
After tea i went down into Whitby and parked up above the "Khyber Pass" and took some photos
And did this panorama of the view
and here is the final view of the day looking in the direction of Sandsend

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