Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Tuesday 14th June Last Day of the holiday and a good run round!

We wanted to pack as much as possible into the day, and started off crossing the border and descending the 1 in 4 hill down to the little fishing village (more of a single street really) called Burnmouth. Here is the harbour and note the cottages below the hillside.
Then on the St Abbs and a coffee on the car park followed by a walk around the harbour wall, this is the inner harbour
And I couldn't resist doing a Panorama from the outer wall!
Then we just had time for a fleeting visit to Eyemouth before lunch
I can never resist photographing boats, so I didn't!
Then it was time for lunch in the Oxford Farm shop, and afterwards a run down the coast, Bamburgh Castle looked great in the sunshine
We parked in Seahouses and did a bit of shopping, then saw the lifeboat coming in, apparently it had been called out to Lindisfarne to carry some Paramedics there as the causeway was covered by the tide.
It seems that all went well and the woman wasn't as ill as reported and able to drive home when the tide turned, but I enjoyed watching the recovery of the boat, here the men are setting out the slip blocks and playing out the winch hawser
Before long it is hauled up onto the tracked trailer
before being reversed around the harbour too the Lifeboat Station, it certainly drew a crowd!
After this we went into Berwick to shop, then back to the Caravan to begin as slow and reluctant tidy up and pack!

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