Thursday, June 09, 2011

Wednesday 8th June:Craster. and Low Newton

A lovely bright morning so we drove across to Alnwick , stopping for a coffee where we could get a view of the castle,
and to shop at the new Sainsburys, then over to visit Craster, where we had an early lunch at the "Piper's Pitch" van, one of the best "Greasy Spoons" anywhere!
This is no ordinary greasy spoon, he has a wide range of offerings, "Kippers in a bun" "Auchtermuchty Sandwiches" (Kippers, Haggis, Bacon) and our favourite "Chicken Supreme" a large piece of chicken breast, slice of bacon, salad, mayonnaise, in a wholemeal bun. Mmmmm!
And inevitably a large mug of sweet tea.
There was even a cheekey Robin to share lunch with us.

Craster has changed a lot over the years, gone are the boats drawn up on the slope, and the logs that used to serve as rollers for the boats, not just a couple of boats remain using the harbour,
The little harbour side gardens are a riot of flowers, like this
And at least one fishing boat was still active.
This little beach used to be busy with boats, recently enough for us to remember.
The sky clouded over and we decided to beat a retreat, but as we headed homeward the sun came out again and we parked at Low Newton, where Pat sat and did some crochet, while I went for a walk and to take some photos.
Here is the view from the hill from the car park, with Dunstanburgh Castle in the background.
This is a Panoramic of Low Newton
And this is the rather splendid view from the curve of the beach with the castle beyond.
And finally, hows this for a home made beach chalet?
By the time I got back we were ready to roll back to the van for a rest!

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