Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Wednesday 22nd June: Staithes

Rather mixed weather with sunshine and showers, we decided on a walk down to the harbour at Staithes, stopping at the Co-op in Staithes Village to buy a "Meal Deal" (sandwich, crisps and a bottle of fizzy pop)
and then down to the front by the roadway
Once we reached the houses we took the first left turn and immediately spotted this Gull with chicks on a roof.
The cottages are stone built, and there's no mistaking the connections with the sea, with all the fishing tackle strewn around
there are some nice little touches that add to the atmosphere of the place like this doorbell
down in the creek an elderly man is scraping the paint on a rather dilapidated fishing coble.
Here he is in close up, busily scraping away.
looking Seaward towards the footbridge that connects the main town to the Nab.
And here we are looking back from the footbridge. Thirty years ago there would have been at least twenty cobles moored in the creek under a spiderweb of mooring ropes
Since there is no room for gardens in the narrow streets, other methods are employed to grow some flowers!
And house names are little works of art too!
Finally, down on the front we found a convenient seat to sit and eat our packing up, followed by a tub of ice cream from the van, before I walked back to the car park, to drive it down and pick Patty up.
This is a panorama of the village roofscape I did while walking back to the car

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